Boundary Surveying

We use our experience and expertise to define and mark the perimeters of your property, indicating boundary lines between your property and neighbors or internally if you own multiple joining properties. This procedure isn't merely using our equipment to make the boundary judgements, we also review your deed and those of surrounding properties, as well as other external factors (road alignments, shorelines, easements and other agreements and encumbrances). Our goal is to define the property lines so they are accurate and legally defensible.

Standard Boundary Survey

The core of our profession is defining and mapping occupational ownership, marking deeds, and opining issues regarding the construction and intent of those deeds. Our expertise as Licensed Surveyors can help determine the limits of one's described and deeded property and which, more often than not, is fully accepted by all adjoining neighbors. In the process of this work we are often obligated by law to create a survey map which must include evidence of occupation.

The research we perform will typically include reviewing your deed and those of surrounding properties, road alignments and other public interests, shorelines, easements and other agreements and encumbrances, historical evidence, the public record (County Auditor's office), and available credible and pertinent testimony. A survey of this manner may bare witness to a difference between title and occupation. Our findings can assist the client and their neighbors in resolving and correcting any discrepancies. It may also serve as the primary tool used by the client and an experienced land-use attorney in clearing potential defects in title or in defending or asserting a claim of ownership.

Forensic Boundary Survey

There is a process by which two or more contiguous owners can determine the absolute and true 'boundary' between their properties based upon the facts of law. This type of work is best suited to adjoining landowners who are desirous of averting a costly lawsuit which can easily escalate to costs of $30k-$75k and require years of legal proceedings. In essence, we take full charge of the duties and authorities allotted to us by the laws of Washington State to make an in-depth determination of boundary based upon all the available evidence. This task requires concise, time consuming research; interviews; legal consultation, and investigations into all matters of title and physical evidence. These are not cheap products but are certainly nowhere near as consuming as a full blown legal proceeding. A forensic survey often require weeks or months to complete and may even involve arbitration and mitigation. The final product will be our professional opinion to the true boundary including a certified report of the findings of fact and conclusions which will generally mirror the work performed by an 'expert witness' surveyor in a trial. This work can be employed by one party but it is beneficial if both parties are aware of, and cooperative with the process.